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Coins From The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire also known as the Eastern Roman Empire was centered around the capitol of Constantinople. It was ruled by emperors in direct succession to the ancient Roman Emperors after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The exact date of this separation can not be precisely given.

The Byzantine Empire existed for more then a thousand years, approximately 306 A.D. to 1453 A.D.

Though the people called themselves Romans they were predominantly Greek-speaking.

The Byzantine - Ottoman Wars would be the end of the empire in the 15th century when Constantinople fell and the remaining territories came under the control of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.


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  2. Arab Byzantine
  3. Heraclius
  4. Justin I
  5. Justin II
  6. Justinian I
  7. Maurice Tiberius
  8. Manuel I
  9. Tiberius II Constantine
  10. Constans II
  11. Anonymous Coins
  12. John II
  13. Alexius I
  14.  Phocas
  15.  Nicephorus III


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