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Coins Issued By Maurice Tiberius.

Emperor August 13, 582 A.D. to November 22, 602 A.D.

Military revolt in 602 led to Phocas, a junior officer being named emperor. He and sons fled to Asia were they were overtaken and murdered. He is known as one of the most vigorous of emperors and had many success in battle.


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AE 30 mm follis, 10.9 Grams, SB 518

Cyzicus Mint

Ob: DN TIBER MAVRIC PP A, crowned and cuirassed bust facing holding cross on globe and shield.

Rv: Large M, ANNO left, cross above, regnal year ʕ to right, officina letter Δ below, KYZ in ex.


Item Name: Maurice Tiberius
Item Number: BZ 97
Price: SOLD











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