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Coins Issued By Alexius I

Alexius I Comnenus  Aril 4, 1081 to August 15 1118

Associate Ruler: John II, co-emperor from 1092

Irene Dukaine was his wife and is on some coinage.

Died in 1118


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  AE 25mm Tetarteron, 6.3 Grams, SB 1929

Alexius I 1081-1118 A.D.

Ob: Nimbate bust of Christ facing raising right hand in benediction holding book of Gospels in left, to left IC to right XC

Rv: Crowned bust of emperor  facing holding jeweled scepter and globus cruciger.


Item Name: Alexius I
Item Number: BZ 94
Price: SOLD






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