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Coins Issued By Constans II

641-668 A.D.

Son of Heraclius Constantine, born 630 A.D.

Made co-emperor by Heraclonas September 641 A.D.

Associate Rulers: Constantine IV, Augustus from 13 April 645 A.D. and Heraclius and Tiberius, Augusti from 2 June 659 A.D.


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AE 20mm, 3.1 Gram Follis, Constantinople Mint

SB 1013, BMC 235-41


Item Name: Constans II
Item Number: BZ 73
Price: SOLD




  AE 21mm follis, 3 Grams

SB 1014, D.O. 89, BMC 233-4 , Constantinople Mint

Ob: Bust of Constans facing with long beard, wearing plumed helmet and holding globus cruciger , in field to right K

Rv: Large M surmounted by facing bust of Constantine IV, to left facing bust of Heraclius and that of Tiberius to right, each wearing crown and chlamys holding globus cruiger, officina letterΔ beneath.


Item Name: Constans II
Item Number: BZ 86
Price: SOLD






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