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Bargain Coins


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Im 78 Constantius II

AE 17mm , 2.3 Grams , SISCIA Mint

Obverse: DN CONSTANTIVS PF AVG , Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.

Reverse: FEL TEMP REPARATIO , A Roman soldier spearing a Persian cavalryman.   

TSISA in ex.      

Item Name: Constantius II
Item Number: IM 78






Unidentifeid Roman Coin

AE 21mm, 4.4 Grams

A Bearded Man,s Head Countermarked In Lower Right On Obverse>

Item Name: Countermarked Roman Coin
Item Number: CM 15
Price: SOLD

  AE 14mm Prutah 1.6 Grams

Pontius Pilate 29 C.E. Pracurator of Judaea
Ob: TIBEPIOY KAICAPOC , reversed lituus.
Rv: Date within wreath.

Item Name: Pontius Pilate
Item Number: GR 25
Price: SOLD



    AE 19mm, 5.6 Grams Half-follis

Justin II Byzantine Empire

Justin on left, Sophia on right, seated facing on double throne, both nimbate. Justin holding cross on globe, Sophia holding scepter.
Rv: Large K, ANNO to left, cross above , regnal year to right. .

Item Name: Justin II
Item Number: BZ 78
Price: SOLD








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