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Coins Issued By Phocas

Ruled from November 23 602 A.D. to October 5, 610 A.D.

Came Too leadership in military revolt against Maurice Tiberius in 602 and lost rule in a rebellion led by Heraclius in 608.  He was quickly executed and his statue publicly burnt.

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  AE 34mm follis, 10.4 Grams,

SB 639, MIB 60a-b

Constantinople mint

Ob: DM FOCAE PP AVG, Phocas on left, holding cross on globe and Leontig nimbate on right, holding scepter topped by cross, standing, cross between their heads.

Rv: Large m ANNO to left cross above, officina letter I to right, mintmark CON and officina letter.


Item Name: Phocas
Item Number: BZ 103
Price: SOLD








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