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You will see a mention of a VM rating with many of my coins. This is referring to the Rating for Rarity and price range in The Handbook of ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS by DAVID VAN METER. A excellent book for any collector.

Ratings Chart :

VB1 - $1-$100

VB 2 - $101-$300

VB 3 - $301-$1,000

VB 4 - $1,001-$3,000

VB 5 - $3,001-$10,000

VB 6 - $ 10,000+

This is just a general guide to coins rarity and value, it is not too be taken as to be a 100% accurate.


The Roman Empire and the Greek Empire were two of the greatest societies that man ever created. They were times of great achievement and also times of great sorrow.

We can still see and enjoy some of their great past in the artefacts that have been unearthed and the buildings that still stand. It is important that the past be conserved properly for all future generations to enjoy.

Thief and the destruction of these mirrors into the past is a real problem through out the world and has been for as long as man can remember.

All items on this website have been collected legally and without destruction to any other property to the best of my knowledge.

Please do not support known looters of our past as they will stop at nothing for the almighty buck! Save our past for our children and future generations. It does not matter if it is an ancient piece of currency , fossil, or an ancient pot or piece of jewellery, buying anything that has been come by dishonestly encourages  the destruction and the loss of recording of mans past lives.

Thank You

Murray Woods


Below are links to information that you may find useful. Just click on the link to view the page. Over time I will be adding more information to this section.

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Byzantine Rulers

Women of Rome

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