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Mint Errors


All Ancient Coins were made by hand. Some were cast but the majority of coins were struck by hand. A die of the obverse was placed on a anvil and then a punch with the reverse carved in it would be placed over top. A solid hammer stoke or two would be then made to cut the die patterns into the metal.

Mistakes did happen, double strikes were the coin had moved a little after the first strike, or the metal flipped over before the second strike, etc.


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AE 15mm, 1.4 Grams

Constantius II - Gloria Exercitvs

This coin had flipped in the die. Both obverse and reverse are partly stamped on both sides.

Item Name: Mint Error
Item Number: IM 709
Price: SOLD



AE 15mm, 1.1 Grams

Constantius II-Gloria Exercitvs

This Coin Moved Before the second strike. Two strikes can be seen on part of the coin.

Item Name: Mint Error
Item Number: IM 684
Price: SOLD





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