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Amber & Copal


Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient trees. This resin oozed down the sides of trees sometimes trapping insects, leaves, seeds, etc. . Overtime it became buried and hardened into what we know as amber over millions of years. Amber can be 1 million to 100 thousand or more years old.

Copal is not the fossilized hardened resin known as amber. It is in the stages of becoming amber, somewhere between resin and amber. Some people call it young amber because of this. The age of copal varies greatly from a few hundred to several 100 thousands years old. It is hard to identify the true age of copal. Copal is more readily available because this age difference and that it is found closer to the surface.

Amber and Copal is priced in grams. Grams are light unit of weight so it takes alot to make a large piece. I have given some size examples below:

  1. Borneo Amber 2Gram Piece is 18mm x 14mm x 13mm approx.

  2. Baltic Amber 3 Gram Piece is 18mm x 19mm x 25mm approx.

  3. Dominican Amber 1.4 Gram Piece is 8mmx13mmx15mm approx.

  4. Columbia Copal 8.2 Gram Piece is 21mm x 34mm x 15mm Approx

  5. Indonesian Copal 64 Gram Piece is 44mm x 53mm x 48 mm

  6. Click On Pictures For Larger Image

A1 BORNEO Amber - A very rare amber

Sold in 10 Gram Lots    Only 200 Grams Available

Item Name: Borneo Amber
Item Number: A1 10 Gram Lot
Price: $30


From the mines in the mountains of the Dominican Republic


A2 Sold in 10 Gram lot  Medium Size  A3 Sold in 20 Gram lot Small Size

Item Name: Dominican Amber Medium 10 Grams       
Item Number: A2
Price: $20
Item Name: Dominican Amber 20 Grams Small Size
Item Number: A3
Price: $20


From the countries around the Baltic Sea

A4 Unsearched Rough        A5 Rough with one side polished


Item Name: Baltic Unsearched Rough 10 Gram Lot
Item Number: A4
Price: $20
Item Name: Baltic Amber One side polished 20 Grams
Item Number: A5
Price: $20

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