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Coins Issued For Septimius Severus


Ruled 193-211 A.D. Married Julia Domna. Proclaimed emperor by his troops (April , 193 A.D.) and swept to power by removing the three other Imperial candidates from 193 to 197 A.D.

Obverse Legends

DIVOSEVEROPIO                                                                                        IMPCAELSEPSEPER
IMPCAELSEPSEVERAVG                                                                           IMPCAELSEPSEVPERTAVG
IMPCAELSEPSEVPERTAVGC                                                                     IMPCAELSEPTSEVPERTAVG
IMPCAELSEVPERTAVGNC                                                                          IMPCAESLSEPTSEVPERTAVG
IMPCAESLSEPSEVERVSPERTAVG                                                            IMPCALSESEVERAVGCOSII
IMPCELSEPSEVPERTAVGCO                                                                     IMPCLSEPTISEVERVSPPAVG
IMPCLSEPSEVERVSAVG                                                                            IMPCLSEPSEVERVSPAVG
IMPCAELSEPSEVPERTAVGCOSI                                                               IMPCLSEPTISEVERVSPPAVG
IMPCAELSEPSEVPERTAVGCOSII                                                              IMPCAELSEPTSEVERAVG
IMPEPTSEVPERETAVGCOSIII                                                                     IMPLCAESSEPTSEVPERTAVGTRPV        LSEPSEVERVSPERAVGPMIMPXI                                                              LSEPSEVERVSPERAVGPMIMPXIPARTMAX       LSEPSEVERVSPERAVGPIVPMIMPXIPARTMAX                                        LSEPSEVERVSPERAVGPMIMP              LSEPTSEVAVGIMPXIPARTMAX                                                                  LSEPTSEVERVSPIVSAVG
LSEPTSEVAVGIMPXPARTMAX                                                                   LSEPTSEVERVSPIVSAVGBRIT        
LSEPTSEVERTAVGIMPVIII                                                                          LSEPTSEVERVSPIVSAVGIMPXIPARTMAX
LSEPTSEVPERETAVGIMPI                                                                          SEVERVSPIVSAVGPMTRPVIIII
LSEPTSEVPERETAVGIMPII                                                                         LSEPTSEVPERTAVCOSII
LSEPTSEVPERTAVG                                                                                    L SEPTSEVPERTAVGIMP
LSEPTSEVPERTAVG                                                                                    IMPILSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPII
LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPIII                                                                           LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPIIII
LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPIV                                                                           LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPV
LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPVI                                                                           LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPVII
LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPVIIII                                                                        LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPIX
LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPVIII                                                                         LSEPTSEVPERTAVGIMPX
LSEPTSEVPERTEAVGIMPII                                                                          LSEPTSVPERTAVGIMPVIII
SEPSEVERVSPERTAVGIMPXIPARPMAX                                                    SEVERPAVGPMTRPXCOSIII
SEVERVSAVGPARTMAX                                                                              SEVERVSAVGPARTMAXPMTRPVIIII
SEVERVSPIVSAVG                                                                                      SEVERVSPIVSAVGBRIT

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         AE 17mm Silver Denarius , 3 Grams   RSC 436 , RIC 87


Obverse : L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIII   , Laureate head right.

Reverse : P M TR P V COS II PP   ,  Genius standing left sacrificing out of patera over alter and holding corn ears.


Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 157
Price: SOLD

    AE 16mm Silver Denarius,  1.7 Grams, RSC 642 , RIC 0497 , LAODICEA Mint . Obverse: L SEP SEVERVS PER AVG PM IMP XI , Laureate head right. Reverse: SALVTI AVGG , Salus seated left, feeding serpent coiled around alter.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 151
Price: SOLD

    AE 21mm , 7.5 Grams

Obverse: Laureate head right.    Reverse: Mt. Argaeus surmounted by star.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 158
Price: SOLD

    AE 19mm Silver Denarius , 1.6 Grams , RIC 0265 , RSC 205

Obverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG , Laureate head right.   Reverse: FVNDATOR PACIS , Septimius togate and veiled standing left holding branch.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 156
Price: SOLD

  AE 17mm, Silver Denarius, 2.2 Grams VM 84, RIC 0411A , EMESA Mint.  A  scarce  coin.

Obverse: IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG , Laureate head right.  Reverse : MONET AVG , Moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 153
Price: SOLD

  AE 18mm Silver Denarius, 3 Grams

Obverse: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP V , Laureate, draped bust right. Reverse: P M TR P III COS II PP , Apollo standing left holding patera and lyre.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 155
Price: SOLD

  AE 16mm Silver Denarius, 2.8 Grams

Obverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG , Laureate head right.  Reverse: P M TR P XIIII COS III PP , Naked Genius sacrificing out of patera and holding corn ears.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 152
Price: SOLD

    AE 16mm , 2.5 Grams Moesia inferior , Nikopolis ad Istrum

Obverse: Greek Legend , Laureate bust right, Reverse: Greek Legend , Dionysus standing left holding grapes and thyrsus.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 154
Price: SOLD

  AE 19mm Silver Denarius, 2.5 Grams RIC 150, RSC 454 , BMC 175

Obverse: SEVERVS AVG PART MAX , Laureate head right. Reverse: P M TRP VIII COS II PP , Victory flying left holding open wreath in both hands over round shield set on low base.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 159
Price: SOLD

    AE 17mm , 3.4 Grams

Obverse: Greek Legend , Laureate head right. Reverse: Greek Legend , Bearded bust of Hercules left.

Item Name: Septimius Severus
Item Number: IM 160
Price: SOLD


        AE 22mm, 4.7 Grams, Jurukova 182, Hadrianopolis, Thrace

Obverse: Greek Legend

Laureate, cuirassed bust right.

Reverse: Greek Legend

Aeskiepios standing right with serpent entwined on staff.

Item Name: Septimus Severus
Item Number: IM 493
Price: SOLD


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