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Coins Issued By Philip II.



Caesar 244-247 A.D.      Augustus 247-249 A.D.

Born ca. 237 A.D. to Philip I and Otacilia Severa.  He was given rank of Caesar when he was seven years old. The Praetorian Guard executed him in 249 A.D.

Obverse Legends



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    AE 26mm, 12 Grams Thrace, Mesembria

Obverse: Greek Legend, Bare head of Philip right facing draped bust of Serapis left in modius. Reverse: Greek legend, Concordia Demeter  standing left holding long scepter.



  AE 29mm, 15.4 Grams, Antioch Mint

Obverse: Greek legend, Radiate bust left. Reverse: Greek legend, Turreted, draped and veiled bust of Tyche right, above ram leaping right, head left. Delta upper left field, S bottom left field, E upper right field, C bottom right field.





AE 30mm, 15.3 Grams, Antioch Mint

Obverse: Greek Legend, Laureate bust right.

Reverse: Greek Legend, Turreted, draped and veiled bust of Tyche right above ram leaping right

SE on either side.






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