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Coins Issued by Pertinax

Ruled 193 A.D.  Born August 1, 126 A.D. in Ligurgia, Italy. He reigned only 87 days before being murdered by a band of Praetorian Guardsmen.

Obverse Legends


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    AR17mm Silver Denarius , 2.2 Grams

ROME Mint 193 , RIC 8 , Sear 6045 , RSC 33 , vm 1o ,  RATED VB4 by VM. This is an extremely rare coin.

Obverse: IMP CAES P HELV PERTIN AVG , Laureate head right.

Reverse: OP I DIVIN TR P COS II , Ops seated left, holding two corn ears left hand on top of throne.

Item Name: Pertinax
Item Number: IM 128
Price: $300 SOLD


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