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Coins Issued By Macrinus


217-218 A.D.

Born ca. 164-65 A.D. Father of Diadumenian.  Commissioned the murder of Caracalla. He and his son were executed in June of 218 A.D.

Obverse Legends



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  AE 17mm, 3.7 Grams, Antioch Mint, SGI2982, BMC20

Obverse: Greek Legend, Laureate head of Macrinus right. Reverse: Greek legend, Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Diadumenian right.


Item Name: Macrinus
Item Number: IM 30
Price: SOLD


  AE 28mm, 15.3 Grams, Moushmov 567

Obverse: Greek legend, Bare head of Diadumenian right facing laureate head of Macrinus left. Reverse: Greek legend, Equity standing left holding scales and cornucopia.


Item Name: Macrinus
Item Number: IM 37
Price: SOLD


  AE 26mm, 9.4 Grams, RIC187

Obverse: Laureate head right. Reverse: Female figure standing left holding scepter in right. E in right field.


Item Name: Macrinus
Item Number: IM 171
Price: SOLD


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