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Coins Issued For Thrace


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AE 15mm, 2.4 Grams

Maroneia Thrace

Ob: Horse prancing right.

Rv: MAP ΩΝΙ ΤΩN around three sides of linear square containing vine.


Item Name: Thrace
Item Number: GR 118
Price: SOLD

    AE 13mm, 2.4 Grams
Thrace 400-350 B.C.
Ob: Prancing horse right
Rv: Grape arbor in square
Greek legend

Item Name: Thrace
Item Number: GR 90
Price: SOLD




  AE 20mm Obol, 9.7 Grams

Moushmov 1528, SNG BM Black Sea 290v

Odessos, Thrace

Ob: Laureate head of Zeus right.

Rv: ΟΔΗΣΙΩΝ in ex. Herons, the Rider God of Odessos right on high stepping horse. Monogram below.


Item Name: Thrace
Item Number: GR 107
Price: SOLD







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