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Ancient Roman Rings



Romans loved their Jewelry. Rings were no exception. Often the Roman's would wear rings on all their fingers. Men, Woman and children had rings to wear. There was a large variety of styles. Family crests, Gods, seals, rank, etc. were all part of the designs as well as special purpose rings such as the archer's ring.


Most rings still have their patina. If you plan one wearing the rings it is advised to clean them down to their original surface before wearing them.




Roman Bronze Ring

Size 8+. Attractive patina, nice design.

Item Name: Roman Ring
Item Number: J20
Price: $30


Roman Bronze Seal Ring

Size 7 1/2. Depicted is an animal right.

The Seal ring was of utmost importance in Roman Society, it was used in validating serious legal documents. The ring was press into hot wax too create a seal unigue too the ring.

Item Name: Roman Seal Ring
Item Number: J31
Price: SOLD




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