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Coins Issued For Mysia


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 AE 18mm, 6 Grams, Sear 3967

Pergamon Mysia

Ob: Laureated head of Asklepios right.

Rv: ΑΣKΛΗΠΙΟΥ ΣΩΤΗPΟΣ either side of Asklepian snake coiled right around omphalos.


Item Name: Mysia
Item Number: GR 37
Price: SOLD

AE 11mm,  1.6 Grams

Adramytion   4th century B.C.

Ob: Laureate head of

z eus right

Rv: Forepart of Pegasos right


Item Name: Adramytion
Item Number: GR 110
Price: SOLD


  AE 9mm, 0.7 Grams Sear 3958

Pergamon Mysia An Exceptional Small Coin

Ob: Head of Young Herakles right clad in lionskin.

Rv:  ΠΕP in front of head of Athena right.


Item Name: Mysia
Item Number: GR 88
Price: SOLD






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