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Coins From The Greek Empire.



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G 1   AE 17mm , 5.8 Grams VF


Kings Of Macedon  - ANTIGONOS GONATAS     277-239 B.C.

Obverse : Head of Athena right , wearing crested Corinthian Helmet.

Reverse : Pan standing right, erecting trophy

SNG Copenhagen 1205ff   Attractive Dark Green Patina.




GR2   AR 16mm , 4.3 Grams VF

ALEXANDER III of Macedon     336-323 B.C.   Silver Drachm  SG 6730v

Obverse: Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin.

Reverse: Zeus seated left holding an eagle and scepter..

Item Name: Alexander III


GR 3 AR 16mm , 3.9 Grams F

ALEXANDER THE GREAT (III)  of Macedon     336-323 B.C. Silver Drachm

Obverse: Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin.

Reverse: Zeus seated left holding an eagle and scepter. Dolphin before.


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AE 15mm Lepton (Widow Mite) , 2.1 Grams Coin of JUDAEA

Alexander Jannaeus of Judaea 103-76 B.C.

Obverse: Upside down anchor within a circle

Reverse: Star of eight rays surrounded by a border.




Widow mites were part of an extensive issue used as small change in Ancient Palestine. Identified as the "widow's mite" in the bible Mark 12,42. "And Jesus sat over against the treasury and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury, and many that were rich cast in much. And there came a certain poor widow and she threw in two mites which make a farthing. And he called unto him his disciples and saith unto them, I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast more in than all they which have cast into the treasury: for all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had...


AE 25mm , 13.7 Grams , Coin From Epypt

PTOLEMY III of Ptolemaic Egypt 246 - 221 B.C.

Obverse: Diademed head of Zeus right.

Reverse: Eagle standing left, wings open, s , buckler and x before. A between legs.

Cyprus Mint







AE 14mm , 2.1 Grams CSE 729 , Mint of Tyre ,Phoenica , Greek Empire of Seleucia

ANTIOCHUS III - The Great 222-187 B.C.

Obverse: Diademed bust right. Reverse: Palm Tree


Item Name: Antiochus III
Item Number: GR 13  SOLD




AE 26 x 10mm , 1.8 Grams

Doplhin Money From Olbia, Sarmatia 525-438 B.C. SOLD


AE 36 x 11mm , 4.4 Grams

Arrowhead Money From Olbia, Sarmatia  525-438 B.C. SOLD



AE 18mm , 3.3 Grams , SGI 5699,( Arabia) Nabataea Kingdom

ARETAS IV   9 B. C.  - 40 A.D.

Obverse: Jugate busts of Aretas IV and Queen Shaqilath right.  Reverse:  Double cornucopiae. SOLD


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AE 19mm, 5.2 Grams, SNGI 2178, Antioch Mint

DEMETRIUS II  (2nd Reign) 103-125 B.C.

Obverse: Diademed, bearded dust right.  Reverse: Naked Apollo standing left, holding arrow in out stretched right hand and resting left on bow. Greek legend both sides.




AE 14mm , 2.7 Grams, Sear 6994

ANTIOCHOS IV   175-164 B.C.

Obverse: Radiated head right.   Reverse: Greek legend either side of Hera standing facing.




AE 17mm , 3.4 Grams, Houghton 113

ANTIOCHOS IV     175 - 164 B.C.

Obverse: Veiled bust of Laodice IV right. Border of dots.

Reverse: Greek legend. Elephant head left. Border of dots.





AE 14mm  , 3.6 Grams, BMC 65 , Coin of Thrace

Maroneia, Thrace

Obverse: Horse prancing right , monogram below.

Reverse: Inscription around vine with four grapes within a square.


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AE 19mm , 6.2 Grams , SNGI 1943, Greek Empire of Seleucia.

ANTIOCHOS VII    138-129 B.C.

Obverse: Diademed head right. Reverse: Headdress of Isis.



Dolphin and Arrowhead Money were the first forms of money used in the Northern Black Sea Coast. They were issued in the Greek Kingdom of Sarmatia , city of Olbia 525 - 438 B.C.




AE 26 x 9 mm , 2.7 Grams

Arrowhead Money From olbia , Sarmatia  525 - 438 B.C.




AE 18mm , 4.3 Grams, Silvered

PTOLEMY II   285 - 246 B.C.

Obverse: Diademed head of Zeus Ammon right.

Reverse: Greek legend, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, club in left field.





AE 23mm , 12.1 Grams , BMC 39

PTOLEMY III        246 - 221 B.C.

Obverse: Head of Zeus right.

Reverse: Eagle standing left on thunderblot, club before.




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AE 24mm , 14.4 Grams, SNG Copenhagen 1296 var. , Greek Kingdom of Macedonia.

Issued under Philip V and Perseus ca. 185 - 168 B.C.

Obverse: Diademed head of Poseidon right. Reverse: MAKE/DONWN , club within oak-wreath, monograms below.


Item Name: Philip V and Perseus
Item Number: GR 6
Price: SOLD




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